Quis ego sum?

Who am I?

What Is It About This Page?

This site was created because I would like to publish the many things I have gathered in me for centuries.
I share, all those receptive thoughts that cause me happy moments, make me think.

This is a private site where the contents are of interest to me and that I want to be in one place.
(bad memory).
I know a lot of jokes and philosophy on the net, but these are my favorites, and I have experienced the philosophies myself,
I live by that.

Sorry about the hungarian content! My English is horrible. It is at kindergarten level. But I am developing slowly.
If you are really interested, copy it to the translator!

I'm a family-centered father with two children.
I am proud of them!

I have also a beautiful, and wonderful wife. She taught me a lot about life. I'm proud of her!

My level of graphic knowledge was acquired in a car-related manner. The love of drawing has been accompanying my childhood. I used my current level of books and a lot of help on the net.

The site is not ready and it won't be as long as I live!